VOIS Digital TV

VOIS is one of the largest independent Software Technology Solution to improve Quality and Productivity.

VOIS IPTV end to end Solution is a based on Linux operating system, software and hardware that forms a scalable IPTV solution for medium and large IPTV installations. All elements of IPTV Solution are compatible with each other that means that no additional integration is required. That's why IPTV Solution allows setting up an IPTV service easily, fast, and without extra expenses on system integration.

IPTV Solution allows provider following services:

  • satellite, terrestrial and cable TV channels (DVB to IP gateway)
  • Video on Demand (VoD server)
  • TV on Demand & Pause TV (Catch Up TV server)
  • content protection and encryption (IP CAS/DRM)
  • fast user interface for IP set-top boxes (IPTV middleware)
  • user interface for a PC (IPTV player)
  • controlling user's access & rating services (billing system)

By combining the components in the cluster, our solution is scaled to larger, and the smaller side.