VOIS TV – A Representative of the IPTV Era

Entertainment plays a pivotal role in our stress-ridden lives. There may not be even a single person who shuns away from it. In fact, it is the need of the day to combat stress and set our minds free. Entertainment comes in different forms - for some people, it is reading their favorite novel, while for some it is indulging themselves in their favorite sports. However, for majority of the people, entertainment is synonymous with watching shows on television. In other words, they see it as an opportunity to bond with their family over their favorite TV shows.

The introduction of IPTV or Internet Protocol Television has provided a whole new dimension in the TV watching experience. IPTV is a smart combination of the capabilities of Internet and television, and involves the transmission and broadcasting of television programs using Internet Protocol (IP). In other words, it refers to the transmission of videos, media content, or live television by means of an IP network.

Ever since its inception, VOIS TV has been breaking the news with its innovative offerings like IPTV. More often, we have come across customers who are fed up with the poor quality transmission services of cable TV or similar other services. However, VOIS TV offers a robust and compact IPTV set top box which renders a wonderful TV watching experience for the viewers. We offer our IPTV Canada services for the Indian community residing in Canada and help them to stay connected to their home country. We have many desi channels on offer in different Indian languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali/Bangla, and Gujarati.

Moreover, we offer live channels in full HD (High Definition) mode, which accounts for greater picture clarity. In our experience as an IPTV Service Provider, we have won many accolades from the big names in the industry owing to our services which focus upon aspects like quality and affordability. We have many attractive packages for the customers like they can pay $350 all at once and watch free TV for a period of five years, without having to wait for the monthly bills.

Features Offered by Us:

  • Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Browse Internet on TV
  • Stay updated with currency rates, weather updates, Picasa, and Google Maps
  • Free access to one of the largest Bollywood libraries which offer a wide collection of recent movies that gets automatically updated on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, our Electronic Program Guide (EPG) allows the viewers to get complete information about the program telecast timings and other details. We also offer a personal video recorder which allows the users to record their favorite programs to watch at their own pace so that they do not miss out on the same owing to their busy schedule.With our dedicated customer support crew at work on a 24x7 basis, the customers can enjoy their favorite TV shows without any hassle.

In short, our aim is to serve the customers even better by trying to reach out to their expectations. Furthermore, we are working relentlessly to include additional features, of which many are in the pipeline.